It’s been 5 years!


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March 31, 2021

It’s been 5 years this month since DFIR.training started! From a little RSS feed reader to a full-fledged DFIR resource with lots more to come.

DFIR Training has had several 4:cast nominations over these years, and maybe this will be the year to win. But the competition is tough with people like Phill Moore killing it with his ThisWeekin4n6 blog . Maybe this year…..

And like I mentioned, from a small RSS feed with a list of DFIR tools, the site has grown to thousands of listings of tools, events, white papers, business listings, artifacts, templates, guides, cheat sheets, infographics, and more.

DFIR Training has given away DFIR books and I am currently (always) soliciting authors to join the giveaway challenge. DFIR software licenses and hardware have been given away too. Careers have been jumpstarted with some of the DFIR Training resources and colleges are encouraged to link away to dfir.training for homework material.

More is planned for DFIR.training. I can’t imagine what this resource will look like in the next 5 years! At the rate of development and improvement, DFIR.training will continue to grow as the best (but not the only) DFIR resource on the Internet.

Thanks to every visitor and every contributor.  As much as I use dfir.training as my personal resource, I am honored to manage it for everyone who may use it for their cases, careers, practice, and education.

Brett Shavers

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