Realising a Push Button Modality for Video-Based Forensics

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Complexity and sophistication among multimedia-based tools have made it easy for perpetrators to conduct digital crimes such as counterfeiting, modification, and alteration without being detected. It may not be easy to verify the integrity of video content that, for example, has been manipulated digitally. To address this perennial investigative challenge, this paper proposes the integration of a forensically sound push button forensic modality (PBFM) model for the investigation of the MP4 video file format as a step towards automated video forensic investigation. An open-source multimedia forensic tool was developed based on the proposed PBFM model. A comprehensive evaluation of the efficiency of the tool against file alteration showed that the tool was capable of identifying falsified files, which satisfied the underlying assertion of the PBFM model. Furthermore, the outcome can be used as a complementary process for enhancing the evidence admissibility of MP4 video for forensic investigation.


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  • Realising a Push Button Modality for Video-Based Forensics
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